The Title: Why, Not What

Has anyone with a camera and a garden not done a flower show? We choose our best photos of our best flowers, but when going back to work on the intro, the air goes out of our tires. We end up calling it “The Garden” or “Flowers.” Shortness is a component of a good title, but it’s not what makes a great title. A great title answers a question you ask yourself: “Why?”

Why did you plant the garden? Because flowers “Decorate the World”? Because you see them as “Tiny Miracles”? Are flowers your “Friends”? There could be any number of answers to why you planted the garden or why you love flowers, and by answering that question, answering why, you’re likely to come up with a title that guides viewers through your show with a theme that they apply to all the pretty pictures, giving them more interest, more life.

Without necessarily settling on the exact title until the end, if you keep “why” in mind while building any kind of show, your hand will be guided in the choice and order of photos and in special effects.

Great titles explain “why.” The “what” part is for the rest of the show to deal with.

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