Any Number You Want

No matter how it looks, you aren’t limited to default settings in ProShow. Here’s the truth:

ZOOM – Sometimes a setting such as 103 is too small while 104 is too large. No problem. Type in a decimal such as 103.5, and you’ll have just what you need. If you leave the slide and then go back to it, you’ll find that the number has been rounded off, but don’t be fooled. Beneath the hood, your decimal number is still there.

ROTATION – Do you want an object to spin like a top? You probably already know you can go from -360 degrees to +360 degrees, (two full rotations), but you can also make it spin from -720 degrees to +720 degrees or from -980 degrees to +980 degrees or from whatever to whatever you like.

TILT – What holds true for rotation also holds true for tilt, but in this case, instead of spinning clockwise or counterclockwise, the object will appear spin on a vertical axis like a weather vane.

FONT POINT SIZE – Don’t believe for one minute that the largest you can go is up to 120 points. Type in any point size you want…any. If 56 is too small and 72 is too large, type in 60 or 63 or whatever suits.

All you need remember is that, if there’s a box where you can enter a number, you’re free to enter any number you want.

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