Slide Styles vs. Templates

Slide styles have come close to obliterating templates, but is this logical? A style creates a single slide; a template creates an entire show. Why would you want the latter? Here’s why:

Say a friend of a friend asks you to create a birthday show for her 8-year-old. She supplies 25 digital photos, which you add in chronological order to a new show, one by one changing the duration of each slide and applying a style. You create the beginning and ending slides from scratch. Captions must be typed in, positioned, and in Producer, keyframed. Then you sync slides and soundtrack. Because you’re doing it slide by slide, even a short show of about 3 minutes will likely take a number of hours to complete. Granted, in the good old days when styles didn’t exist, a 3-minute show could easily take days to finish.

What if, instead of using styles, you use a template created from another birthday show you built last year? (Remember, this is for the friend of a friend, not your mother.) In this case, you start a new show using the template, add the photos, remove any extra slides you don’t need or duplicate some if you need extras. You change captions and sync the soundtrack. If you’ve neither deleted nor added slides, you don’t even have to do the syncing if you use the music included in the template. That 3-minute show has likely taken little more than an hour to complete and possibly less.

If you build shows for clients, or if you’re asked rather consistently to do “favors,” templates are the only way to go. Wedding photographers and people who build memorial shows already know this, so take a hint from them. Whenever you create a show that could potentially be used again, save it as template.

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