Getting in Sync with ProShow

Do you struggle syncing slide and sound? If you’re a newcomer to ProShow, no doubt you do, but be assured that ProShow veterans can also have problems.

I’ve put together tips, three example shows using 3 very different soundtracks, and a method for easing some of the syncing pain for both newcomers and old-timers.

Will it make you an instant expert? No. It gives you guidance. The rest is up to you.

Download for both Gold and Producer: Getting in Sync

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Go Gracefully between Songs in ProShow

Most songs are 3 or 4 minutes long, but our slide shows can run a whole lot longer, so we add multiple songs. Fading out the end of one song and fading in the beginning of the next can lead to a fade that sinks down into silence before the next song fades in. Very ungraceful. The solution is to overlap the end of the first and the beginning of the next song. Don’t be afraid to apply long fades–they’re far more graceful. For example, here’s where two songs meet:

Notice the flat line between the songs? The first song has a short stretch of silence at the end of it. It’s this kind of thing that makes supplying a formula for fade and overlap impossible, but if you look at the tracks, you’ll be able to take such things into account.

For this pair of songs, I found that using 10 seconds for the first song’s fade-out and the second song’s fade-in worked perfectly when combined with a -2 offset for the second song. Had the silence at the end of the first song been longer, I would have had to account for it, supplying a longer negative offset. Only our ears can tell us when something is right.

Here’s how I set song #1:

And here are song #2’s settings:

Listen for a gradual fading out, and before the first song is completely gone, the second song slowly fading in. You want neither silence nor abruptness.

You can do these adjustments directly in the soundtrack, but for me, the sound options screen is faster and more precise. How you do it is up to you.

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Get ProShow Slides & Music in Sync

Trying to sync slides with music is a fiddly affair, particularly since we’re easily distracted by our pretty pictures and fancy transitions. Here’s a simple show of 24 color slides plus instructions for how to use it to find the beat and thus basic slide and transition durations. It’s not scientific, but after playing with various songs, I found it eases the pain of discovering just how long the basic slide plus transition should be. Having this knowledge when building the real show is a huge help.

Click the image to download the shows and instructions:

Tempo Calculator

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