Producer 7 – Glue Text to Image in a Heartbeat

Before Producer 7: Say you had a heart that rotated and zoomed in, and you wanted “I Love You” glued to the middle of the heart. You created the text, built keyframes for it identical to the heart’s keyframes, watched out for size and positioning, and then you prayed…a lot.

Heart in Motion

Producer 7, bless its heart, has given us “Convert Layer, ” which is easily overlooked because it’s in a right-click menu.

Let’s keep the heart example to show how it’s done, but before anything else, make your heart do everything you want–pan, rotate, zoom or tilt, any combination of effects–and then when done, you’ll be able to glue text to it in a snap.

1. Duplicate the image:


2. Right-click the duplicate and choose Convert to Layer > Convert to Text Layer:

Convert to Text

3. Type your text into the popup box and click OK:

Add Text

4. Resize the Options screen to its smallest so you can move it aside to uncover the main preview. While keeping an eye on the preview, change font, size, color, and position (if necessary) in the Text Settings tab.

Text unchanged:

Text Unedited

Text edited:

Text Edited

Run the slide to see how your text remains absolutely glued to the image. It’s so easy that you’ll be gluing stuff all over the place.

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