Basics for Great ProShow Text Layers

Think of text layers as the quasi-images they really are. It helps to create the initial caption with center alignment and nothing else before converting to a layer so the text shows up fully centered like a photo.

Alignment: If you change a caption’s alignment to left or right, the position will be retained when converted. If the alignment is centered, and if you pan horizontally, it will look just as you expect it to; left-aligned text may surprise you. It’s probably better to not be surprised.

Converted Size: When a caption is converted to a text layer, its boundaries are flush with all 4 sides of the slide whether Fit to Frame or Fill Frame is used. Fit to Safe Zone is, of course, smaller, but frankly, there’s little cause to use it.

The Missing Adjustments: Nearly half the Adjustments tab is missing, only Flip and Colorize remaining. The other attributes are either useless or are better served in the Text Settings tab.

Avoid Zoom: Use Font Size instead. Zoom causes blur, more when increasing, less when decreasing. If you must use zoom, initially set the caption to the largest font size you’ll need and then zoom up to or down from that size. You can use sharpening in the Adjustments tab, where it will occur throughout, or it might be better in Effects where you can apply sharpening to only the keyframe(s) where the most blur occurs.

Automatic Color: If you want to be able to set text color in the Text Settings tab without bothering with keyframes, make sure all keyframes in the Text Effects tab initially have the same color. If there are 3 or more keyframes, remove the checkmark next to Color for all keyframes between the first and last. Now you can change the color once in Text Settings, and all keyframes will obey.

Automating the Rest: All attributes work like Color. If you want size, position, the two types of rotate, skew, or opacity to use one-stop shopping in the Text Settings tab, the first and last keyframes must be identical. Then remove the checkmarks for your chosen the attributes to automate them. The orange highlights below show the attributes you can uncheck to automate them. (I always forget to uncheck vertical position, changing only horizontal. Don’t be like me.)

Automate It

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