Curvaceous Titles

Perhaps ProShow’s captions will grow up someday and we’ll be able to fit them to curves, but in the meantime, we can do it on our own. For instance:


The trick is to use an image as a template that can guide you in letter placement. In the above illustration, it was an oval shape that was deleted when no longer needed.

Add your shape to a slide, and then add the letters in your title, each letter being an entire caption. Thus, if your title is “JAMAICA,” then caption 1 will be ‘J’, caption 2 will be ‘A’, caption 3 will be ‘M’, and so on.

Once all the captions for all the letters have been created, move them into position one letter caption at a time.

For fine adjustments, hold the Control key while using the arrow keys to nudge the letters into place.

Use rotation to get the correct angle.

If the title will be there when the slide transitions in and out, make sure you place a check next to “Included in slide transition effect” for each and every letter.

Another possibility is for the letters to show up in rapid succession. In the keyframe editor, placing the first keyframe of the 1st letter at the point when the title is to start coming in. Then place the first keyframe of the 2nd letter .2 seconds after that. Continue in this way, adding .2 seconds for each successive letter. It will look like this in the editor:

keyframe editor

Below is a simple heart that was to remain in the slide. Perhaps a different font would have looked better, but at least it shows letters shaped using two curves.


You can use curves as simple or as complicated as you like, from a basic circle to a very wavy line, but reserve this technique for short titles. The more letters there are, the more tedious it can become!



  1. Wonderful tip! Thank you!

    • Betty, you’re more than welcome. I’ve put in a curved-text request at Photodex, but it’s probably not going to happen soon.

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