Create a Ransom Note Title in ProShow

We make a lot of very unserious shows, and each of those shows needs a suitable title slide. Here’s how to create a title reminiscent of a ransom note where each letter is cut from a magazine and glued down.

For this tutorial, I chose the word “FAMILY” as if I were doing a show about my family. For learning purposes, pretend that this is what you’re doing, too. You can go back later, changing, adding, or deleting letters to create your own title.

You’ll need a selection of patterns, but if you have none, feel free to take advantage of a Ransom Package that includes 10 fill patterns plus an example slide style.

Step #1: Choose a fat font like Arial Black and turn on caps lock.
Step #2: Set the font color to white so it’s easy to see.
Step #3: Type an ‘F’ with the size set to 96.
Step #4: Turn on “Outline,” setting it to white.
Step #5: Move the ‘F’ to the left on the screen
Step #6: Type ‘AMILY’, each letter as a separate caption, moving each up and toward the left so the entire word appears on one line:

Plain Text

Step #7: Doing it one letter at a time, turn on “Use Texture on Caption” and select “Image,” browsing for your own patterns or those you downloaded. Here’s an example of the result:

Finished Lettering

Step #8: Resize the letters, making some larger and some smaller.
Step #9:  For a few or even all the letters, use “Character Rotate” to give them the look of being pasted crooked.
Step #10: Nudge the letters closer or farther apart until you like how it looks. Here’s mine:

Finished Title

When doing your own title from scratch, use just one or two short words so the title is easy to read.

Ideas: You can bring in the title one letter at a time, having each letter pop onto screen. You can also pan the letters in from different parts of the screen. If you enjoy playing with modifiers, you can make a letter wiggle and jiggle, which is what you’ll find in the style in the downloadable package. (Instructions are given for removing the modifier.)

Go ahead! Hold your audience for ransom!


  1. Thank you very much for your posts…the fun is that they are easy to follow…

    • You’re more than welcome. The posts are also fun to create because they stem mostly from bouts of playfulness.


  2. I Love this Barbara! Such a creative way to create a title or caption and your instructions are so easy to follow. I was also thrilled for the zip file. Thank you so much!

    • Betty, I’m so glad you’re happy with it. It’s the result of having gotten fed up with being serious. 🙂


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