Add or Remove Time Between Keyframes


• Even though the right-click command says “Add/Remove Time from Keyframe,” it’s a lie. You’re adding or removing time after the keyframe.

• Compounding the problem is that the dialogue box instructions say, “To add time to the end of a slide, select the last keyframe. To remove time, enter a negative number,” This is misleading because, if the last keyframe is all the way to the right, you can’t subtract time. Not ever.


• Making changes to a keyframe at the beginning of or within a transition area changes the transition time, not the base slide time. Unless this is what you really want to do, zero out the transition before adding/removing time. It will make life easier.

• Time is added or removed a tiny fraction to the right of the keyframe. The same amount of time will be added/removed in precisely the same location in any other layers.

• Open the keyframe editor before you make any changes so you can see where the time change will occur in other layers.

• Don’t work on the original slide. It’s too easy to mess things up. Instead, copy the slide and make changes to the copy. If it works like a charm, delete the original and use the copy; if it doesn’t work, you still have the original.


Play with the command. Getting comfortable with it is truly worth your time for even the simplest situation. If, say, you have just one layer with 4 keyframes, you can quickly change the timing between keyframes 2 and 3 without affecting the time before or after them.

Dale Fenimore has an article on adding/removing time that goes into more depth: On Dale’s Blog

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