Avoiding Caption Blur in ProShow 6

Zooming in on a caption layer causes blur. Why? Because the original text is automatically converted to 100% zoom, and the result of zooming will be no different from that of zooming in on a small image. To avoid the problem, increase the font size to approximately the largest zoom you’ll be using, and only after that should you convert it to a layer.

One way to do it:

  1. Create the text and convert it.
  2. Zoom the layer to the largest you’ll want.
  3. Create a brand-new text line, using the same words, and then move it over the “layerized” caption.
  4. Change the font size of the new text until it matches the size of the zoomed version.
  5. Delete the zoomed caption layer, and then convert the plain text to a caption layer.
  6. Now, instead of zooming in, zoom out so the caption starts out (or ends) at the smallest size you want. Increasing the zoom to 100% will give you a caption that’s both large and sharp as a tack.

Another way to do it:

  1. Create the text and convert it.
  2. Zoom the layer to what you’ll want, and note the percentage.
  3. Reset the percentage to 100%.
  4. In the Text Settings tab, multiply the current font size by the zoom percentage. For instance, if the current size is 12 and the zoom you’ll want is 130%, then 12 times 1.3 (percentage as a decimal) will be a font size of 15.6, which you can type in, or you can round it up, using a size of 16.
  5. Use the same final step as in the first method, zooming the caption out wherever you want it at a smaller size.

As you get used to how captions work in ProShow 6, you’ll probably end up no longer needing these instructions. (Thank goodness, right?)

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