Captions Beneath Layers in ProShow Producer – Easy!

NOTE: As of Producer 6, you don’t need this article. If you have an older model, then go ahead and read.

To place a caption beneath an image layer, we’re told to create the caption on a transparent background in an image editor and then save it as a PNG file. There’s another way, and it’s easy:

1. In a blank slide type your caption in any font and color. If it’s a dark color, set the background to white. Otherwise, keep the default black background.

2. Close the Options screen, and with your caption showing in the main preview , right-click the preview, choose Capture Frame, give it a name, browse to a folder where you want to save the capture, and click ‘Ok’.

3. Add your newly minted caption layer to the slide you created it for, placing the caption beneath whatever image you like.

4. With the caption layer selected and in the Adjustments tab, click the Chroma Key button.

5. If the caption is on a white background, change the default black ‘Key Color’ to white, and then use these settings: Intensity Threshold = 10% and Intensity Drop Off = 35%.

6. Click ‘Done.’

That’s it. Now you can treat your caption in all the same ways you would any other image, using pan, zoom, tilt, rotate, etc.

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