Producer Titles Pop with Gradients

It sits right there in front of us, and yet we so often ignore it, scrambling for some image, any image, that will spark up our title slide. Forget all the scrambling and start playing with “Use Texture on Caption.”

Here’s Arial Bold in 72 point:


After playing and creating this gradient…

Diagonal Gradient

and then using the result with a Fill Character setting, this was the result:

Fill Character Title

Changing it to Stretch to Caption, we get a different look:

Stretch to Caption

Going back to playing, a new gradient was created:

2-Gradient Setup

And then setting it as Stretch to Caption, this happened:

Flashy Green

Well, this is fun, so why not create yet another gradient:

Blue Shine

And then using Fill Character, we get a title with sheen:

Blue Sheen

Oh, but we could do even more, perhaps adding a cool graphic. There’s no need to search for that graphic because, staying with captions, we can add something from the Wingding font such as “n” to create a diamond. It needs to be big, bigger than the 120 size we seem to be limited to, but we aren’t limited at all. For this example, the Wingding’s size was set to 240, and this gradient was created for it:

Wingding Gradient

It was set to Fill Character, given an outline, and then combined with the second example title shown, which was also given an outline plus a drop shadow:

With a Wingding

A show’s title deserves some eye candy, so get busy filling those words with gradients!

BUG ALERT: When working extensively with gradients, save frequently and periodically close and reopen. Producer takes just so much gradient adjustments and then likes to freeze, leading to a forced shutdown via the Task Manager. If this happens to you, go right back into Producer where everything will once again be fine. As long as you remember to save frequently, you’ll lose nothing. Photodex knows about this, and will eventually get it fixed.

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