Instant Outline Fonts in ProShow!

A few days ago while fooling around with gradient fills for captions, I wondered what would happen if the gradient was transparent. As you might guess, it makes the caption disappear. Not to be deterred by invisible captions, I turned on Outline and was rewarded with the loveliest transformation. Here are the simple steps:

1. Add a Color Solid to a blank slide so you can see what’s happening.
2. Using any font other than one that’s ultra-thin, type your caption. Here I’ve used 30-point Verdana:

Step 1

3. Place a check next to “Use Texture on Caption.” (The Gradient option is selected by default.)
4. Click the “Edit Gradient” button.
5. Select the color marker at the left and set its Opacity to 0%. Do the same for the marker on the right, and click OK.
6. Place a check next to “Outline,” and watch your caption reappear:

Instant Outline

7. Change the color to anything you want, and if you turn on Bold, it’ll be a larger outline font.

Isn’t this cool?

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  1. This is a great tip. I was able to use a variant of this technique to make a 50% transparency by applying half the amount of opacity on the color arrows. Made it show up but still a bit see-through all at the same time. Thanks!

    • Try this: Keep the gradient transparent and add a colored drop shadow. It’s also a cool effect.

  2. Thanks for the example ! I have learned so much from you and others from Phoshow Enthusiasts.

    • Ron, you’re totally welcome. It’s fun discovering new ways of doing things, and it’s just as much fun sharing the how-to’s.

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