Protect Your ProShow Gradients!

Problem: You create custom gradients and add them to the gradients listing so you can use them whenever you like. Then one of two things happens–a new version of Producer is installed or there’s a crash–and you’re left with nothing but the defaults. All your pretty gradients are kaput!

Tedious Solution: Find shows where you used the gradients and re-save them.

Quick Solution: In Windows Explorer and in the main Producer folder, find a file called “gradient.def”. Right-click it and select Copy. Close Explorer, right-click the Desktop, and choose Paste. If you install a new version of Producer or if bad things happen, simply reverse the process by copying the file that’s on your Desktop and pasting it into the Producer folder (telling Windows that, yes, you want to overwrite the file).

For Gradient Aficionados: Build a show called “Gradients” that contains nothing but your glorious creations. Neither a new version of Producer nor a major meltdown will touch that show. You can use it to re-save your gradients, or you can open it inside a Project along with the show you’re working on and pull gradients from it. Whenever you design and save a gradient in a show you’re working on, remember to bring up your Gradients show and add the new one to it.

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  1. Thanks Barbara. It’s a simple but good tip!!

    • The idea of a Gradient show is mine, but the notion of saving the gradient definition file isn’t mine at all. It comes from Photodex. 🙂

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