Transitions Instead of Styles – Gold & Producer

This is something occasionally discussed over on the ProShow Enthusiasts forum, but threads have a way of being pushed down into oblivion, and so it seemed appropriate to document this lovely old trick where it can remain visible, the trick being to use transitions instead of slide styles.

The best way to understand the process is to do it for yourself:

  1. Add 4 or 5 photos to slides.
  2. Set all slide durations to 0 seconds.
  3. Set all transition durations to 2 or 3 seconds.
  4. Select all the slides (click on first, hold shift key, click on last).
  5. Click on one of the transitions and then choose something simple such as a Push – Up.
  6. Play the slides to see what happens.

Here’s how the slides appear in the timeline:

Push Up

Interesting, isn’t it, that even though the slides are set to zero seconds, the photos nevertheless appear? This is because a transition includes the slide even if the slide itself isn’t “seen.”

Here are a couple more that, during testing, worked well:

Flip – Perspective Left…

Flip Perspective Left

Slide Close – Horizontal…

Slide - Close Horizontal

Continue playing. Some experiments won’t work, while others will be charming. Once you’ve found a few you really like, start mixing them, perhaps placing one transition between slides 1 and 2, another between slides 2 and 3, yet another between slides 3 and 4, and so on. It’s quicker and easier than designing a slide style!

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