ProShow Producer’s Adjustments vs. Adjustments

Every newcomer to Producer ends up confused by the fact that there are two areas in which to make Adjustments. Photodex probably gave up trying to come up with an obvious differentiation because, after all, both areas deal with identical characteristics that can be…well, they can be adjusted. The true difference lies in what happens to those adjustments over the time period of a slide. If you’re a newcomer, maybe this will help reduce all those inevitable confusions:

Layer Adjustments

The above screenshot shows the Adjustments tab. Whatever you do there will be a permanent change. If, as in the example, you move the Hue slider into the purple range, those Christmas ornaments (originally orange) will be purple for the entire duration of the slide.


Effects Adjustments

In this screenshot, the same purple was created with the Hue slider, but the ornaments will be purple for only a single point in time marked by one keyframe. From that keyframe to the next one, the purple will mutate back into orange. Notice how the main preview is showing the image as it will appear halfway through the slide. It’s returning to orange.


In short…

(Layer) ADJUSTMENTS: Any characteristic you set is permanent for the entire slide.

(Effects) ADJUSTMENTS: Any characteristic you set is temporary.


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