Old ProShow Trick – Transitions, not Styles

We’ve all become so used to slide styles that many of us have forgotten an old trick: using transitions to create apparent motion inside a slide. Using a transition inside a slide isn’t what’s being talked about here. Instead, it’s the transitions between slides. Since ProShow 4.5, we’ve had a world of new transitions available to us, so you’re in for some fun if you’ve never explored the method.

Try this: Add photos to a few slides, set the slide duration to zero, set the transition duration to 6-8 seconds, choose your transitions, and then preview the effect. Change the transitions to different ones and preview again. If your photos don’t remain onscreen quite as long as you’d like, increase the slide durations by small amounts (even just parts of a second) until you have what you want.

New tricks don’t necessarily make the old ones obsolete.

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  1. This makes for some nice effects. Thanks, Barbara!

    • You’re more than welcome. Some of the simplest ProShow tricks can often be overlooked. 🙂

  2. Never thought about this, thanks

  3. I used to do this a lot back in the “old days”, but I’d almost forgotten about it with all the new features ProShow has now. One of the techniques I used in my stepdaughter’s wedding video was to duplicate a photo and apply a filter to it so that it looked like a pencil sketch, then transition from that to the colour photo. It was quite effective!

    • Yes, in the “old days,” we had to be inventive to do almost anything beyond showing photos, and we all became good at this. In a very real way, slide styles have stolen the opportunity for such inventiveness–apply slide style, move on.

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