Give dimension to Producer Captions

Someday we’ll be able to create truly 3-dimensional captions, but until then, there are visual tricks we can perform. Here are the results of one such trick, which you’ll have to see larger to get the full impact, so click on the image to get a good look at it:

Dimensional Caption


1. Add a Color Solid, making it something against which a drop shadow will show.

2. Add a white caption using Arial Black, centered, and set the size so it’s big.

3. Duplicate the caption.

4. Settings for caption #2 are a skew of 5, a horizontal position of 50.1, and a drop shadow:

Dimensional Caption - layer2

5. Settings for caption #1 are Outline turned on and “Use Texture on Caption,” choosing an Image for the texture:

Dimensional Caption - layer1

For the character/caption fill, you’ll have to test various images to see what looks good. I found a scan of fabric, and after testing, I settled on character fill because it happened to look better.

Depending on the colors you’re using, you may find that setting caption #2 to something other than white will look better.

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  1. Great tutorial, Barbara. Easy to follow.

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