Cropping for 4:3 and 16:9

A few years ago, I did all the necessary math to build a chart for resizing images to fit the screen precisely. Cropping images or creating original ones to fill the screen without ProShow dictating what gets lost is now a piece of cake. Since the chart is handwritten on 3 cardboard pages–both front and back totaling 148 combinations–I can’t give you a file to download, but below are some typical numbers you might find useful. You read it as, “If the width is this, then the height needs to be that for 4:3 (or 16:9).” I use the chart both ways depending on whether I need to retain the width or the height of an image since nobody wants to cut off the top of Rover’s head.

Width      4:3 Height     9:16 Height
800                600                   450
960                720                    540
1024              768                    576
1184               888                   666
1200              900                   675
1280              960                   720
1344            1008                   756
1440            1080                   810
1552             1164                   873
1600            1200                  900
1792             1344                 1008
2000           1500                  1125

My favorites? 1552 x 1164 for standard screen, and 1792 x 1008 for widescreen.

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  1. Thanks, Barbara… good to see this – will certainly prove very useful. TTFN Iris

    • I just received a question concerning the math behind this, so for anyone with a bit of algebra they can still remember from school days (oh, so long ago!), here are the two formulas:

      Where w=width and h=height…

      For 4:3, the formula is 4w = 3h
      For 16:9, the formula is 9w = 16h

      You can’t just plug in any height or width willy-nilly and have it work because the result must be a whole number.

  2. Thanks, this is very helpful.

  3. A nice chart to print and keep handy. Thanks, Barbara! Anne

  4. This is G-R-E-A-T, Barbara. This will come in mighty handy. Thanks for doing the math for us!!


    • Ellen, I thank me for doing the math, too! It means I can size my graphics without a single thought ever again, which is good because I have days when thinking is quite the chore. 🙂

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