Shadow Hint for Captions – Producer

I’ve seen it in magazines again and again and always been surprised at how it enhances a simple black-on-white caption.

Here’s a plain black caption on a white background:

No Shadowing

And here it is with a hint of shadowing:

Subtle Shadow

It gives a subtle boost to the caption that’s obvious only when it’s pointed out as it is here.

How to do it:

  1. To a blank slide, add a white color solid.
  2. Add the caption in black along with a light-gray drop shadow set to 215, 215, 215.
  3. Add a gradient: mask, radial, 5th one in from left.
  4. Move the white marker that’s on the right all the way to the far right.
  5. Move the other white marker to the left (position: 13)
  6. In Effects > Motion Effects, unlock X-Y and zoom them individually so the gradient barely covers the caption area.
  7. In Layers > Editing, set the opacity to around 25% and blur to around 80%.
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  1. I really appreciate you tips. I am using Gold version 4.5.2949 and maybe I’m missing some steps but I get lost after your 2nd step. Am I overlooking something?
    Thanks again.

    • It’s my fault that you didn’t know this is for Producer. I need to alter the title so folks know. I’m really sorry about this.

      • Not a problem, just another reason to get Producer…someday. Thanks again.

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