Project Scrap Pile

We often don’t think to work in ProShow’s project mode when building a small show, but doing so can speed the process. Here’s how: Bring up your show in Project mode, then open a new show inside the project, naming it something like “Scrap.” From this point forward, if you have a slide that has, say, a style applied and you want to use only parts of that style in other slides, copy the slide to the Scrap show, and reduce it to the parts you want. Now, whenever you want to use those parts, just copy the slide into the real show. You can save anything to a scrap show–images, motion setups, captions, slides in a series, etc. Whenever you need to repeat an item, quickly switch to the Scrap show, copy what you need, and then paste it into the real show.

Yes, you can temporarily save slides in the actual show, but after a while, they can bloat the show or they can be positioned too many slides away, forcing you to go back and forth. Down with bloat and up with speed!

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  1. Good tip Barbara… I’m about to start a big show and I shall be working in project mode from the very outset, I can assure you! Talk to you soon… Iris

    • I’ll bet anything the word “Scrap” in the title grabbed your attention instantly. 🙂

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