Slide Styles – Applying to Blank Slides

APPLY TO BLANK SLIDE, REASON #1: There’s a small bug in Producer (currently v.4.51.3003) that will likely be fixed soon, but until then, you may be better off in certain cases applying slide styles to blank slides and only after that filling in the empty placeholders. The bug pops up in slide styles where a layer is duplicated and at least one of those duplicated layers sits inside a mask. This setup turns off the automatic behavior of duplicates, forcing you to seek out every duplicate so you can change it manually if you decide to switch the image to another one. But if you apply such a style to a blank slide, then fill in the placeholders, the bug goes away, and as many times as you change your mind about which photo to use, all duplicates will change too.

APPLY TO BLANK SLIDE, REASON #2: When a style involves a series of photos or specific positions for photos, if you want to control who goes where and when, applying the style to a blank slide makes photo timing and positioning a snap. Just select the photos you want in each photo layer. It beats juggling photos.

In most cases, it doesn’t matter which way you do it–add photos and then the style or add the style to a blank–but if you see things aren’t changing automatically as you’d rightfully expect, delete the slide, apply the style to a blank slide, fill the placeholders, and all will be well. As for a multi-photo style, you have complete control when applying it to a blank slide.

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  1. When the number of layers is high (e.g., over 30) or the style is complicated, it can be very confusing, if not downright frustrating, to try to put images into image layers. Too, sometimes the images don’t appear onscreen in layer order because they’re keyframed to appear later for effects such as a carousel.

    In these cases, you’re best putting the images into the slide in the desired order prior to applying a slide style. The author of a carousel effect, for instance, should have provided instructions as to the order in which to place the image(s). They don’t always (But I do!).


    • You may be right when it comes to styles with a lot of layers, though I’d still prefer there be no bug so it wouldn’t matter which of the duplicated layers is replaced. It helps if those layers are clearly labeled, something I’m still trying to figure out. Wish we could apply bolding to layers so that, for instance, any layer that could be altered would be in bold type, and any that needs to be hands-off would be in normal type.

  2. Ditto! I’d LOVE to see a feature that allows flagging a layer for some defined purpose (such as “DON’T EDIT THIS LAYER!”) where flag could be color or bolded or italicized … etc. However, I’d also like a feature where a layer could be “locked” to prevent accidental changes to its settings. I’d also like to select more than 1 layer at a time too.

    At least this bug is somewhat innocuous (if frustrating). Hopefully Photodex will fix it in their next release (tho I’m NOT holding my breath that it will!!).

    • You win! Your ideas are superb! I particularly like the idea of locking a layer, keeping it from being changed. Oh, the dreams we have, right?

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