Captions with Color in Motion

This isn’t a new trick, but there are always new users, so here’s how to do it:

  1. Type a caption in white on a black background.
  2. Right-click the preview screen and choose to capture the screen, saving the image to a spot where you’ll find it easily. (Gold users: Save the screen capture as a PNG and open it in an image editor, making sure the image is a layer. Select the white letters, delete them, and save.)
  3. Add a colorful gradient of your choice to a blank slide.
  4. Add the caption image to a layer above the gradient. (Producer users: Turn the caption layer into a grayscale mask.)
  5. Selecting the gradient layer and keyframe 1 (start position for Gold), move it to the left until its right edge is nearly touching the right edge of the last letter in the caption.
  6. For keyframe 2 (end position for Gold), move the gradient to the right until its left edge is nearly touching the left edge of the first letter in the caption.
  7. Preview the slide. Depending on the gradient chosen, you should see the colors moving and changing inside the letters.

A few possible variations:

  • Rotate the gradient instead of panning it, increasing its size if necessary.
  • Use an actual image instead of a gradient.
  • Use 2 gradients with transparency in them instead of 1 solid gradient.
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