The Unpicky Color Picker

EXAMPLE OF THE PROBLEM: You’re using captions that alternate between pink and blue. You create a pink caption, add another line and make it blue, then add a third line. ProShow says it’s blue, so you use the eyedropper to pick off the pink in the first caption. Lo and behold, the third caption is pink, but it isn’t the right pink. You resort to manually typing in the hex numbers. You can live with this, but for how long if you have lots and lots of such captions across an array of slides?

THE SOLUTION: Choose your colors beforehand. Create a temporary slide with two color solids, each representing the two colors you want in the captions. Move the top layer across the screen so it’s half one color and half the other. Create your caption slide, click on the temporary slide so it’s showing in the preview screen, and then use one side or the other to pick up the correct color. It’ll be right on the money. Delete that temporary slide only when you’re absolutely sure you’ll never need it again.

Why I think the problem exists: The eyedropper is averaging color, meaning that it picks up a color that’s an average of a certain number of pixels surrounding the spot you’ve clicked. With that half-and-half screen, the eyedropper is averaging identical pixels.

If it’s 3 or more colors you need, set up the temporary slide with more color solids and move them so all are visible.

(Though captions are a common color problem, it can occur whenever you need precision.)

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