Tiny Time Savers

  • Don’t use “Select.” It’s faster to grab the image you want in the file list and drag it over on top of the layer you want to replace.
  • Why reinvent the wheel? If you’re planning a number of slides that are identical (or nearly so), use the initial slide as a template, copying and pasting it wherever the similar slides will be. Replace the images in those slides, make any minor adjustments, and be done with it.
  • If you place the requisite number of photos in a slide, apply a style, and then discover the photos aren’t in the right order or position, you’ve wasted time. Apply the style to a blank slide and then fill the correct photo placeholders with the correct pictures.
  • How much time can you spend getting an image into position so the previous image transitions into it nicely? A lot. Copy the end of the previous image into the slide and use it to position the real one. Delete the copied image when you’re done.
  • Multiple layers and keyframes are impressive, but they do two things: (1) cause you pain if you have to make major changes; and (2) slow down Producer. If you can do it in two slides instead of one, go for those two slides. You’ll see less of the hourglass and alterations will be easier and thus faster.
  • Create a temporary “trash” sub-folder in your show folder. Move any image into it that you decide not to use, thus reducing all those photos you have to plow through to find the right one. Someday we’ll get the ability to delete files in ProShow, but until then, a trash folder works.
  • Quick: Which of the pan boxes is for horizontal and which for vertical? If you’re still mulling it over, draw a rectangle on a sticky note, divide the rectangle in half similar to the pan boxes, and in the left-hand box draw a horizontal line with arrows at both ends. In the right-hand box, draw a vertical line with arrows at both ends. Stick the note to your monitor. It’s a total waste of time experimenting to see which box does what.
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  1. Good tips Barbara

    These truly are time savers. I use them a lot myself. I think the copy paste and template ideas are the best.

    For the slide styles, another way to see the order of photos is to watch the small preview video window, then adjust your photos accordingly.


  2. Tim, for whatever reason, applying the style to a blank slide works better for me. I figured mentioning it gives people a choice of poisons.:-)


  3. Hi Barbara! Ever since High School when we did graphs and charts in maths class, I have a little mental note that I recall whenever I think about ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis… it’s this – think ‘a cross’ (across) for the X. Never forgotten it, though the same can’t be said for my maths!

    • Though I no longer have a sticky note on the monitor, I still have it glued to my brain’s left hemisphere. I can get rid of it now. Ha!–“Y you should stand erect.” (Have to make another sticky note because I never remember what I’ve said. I don’t know Y.)


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