Backgrounds from Plasma

It’s playtime!

1. Create a blank slide.

2. Add a Solid Color to it, perhaps  sky blue.

3. Add a Gradient to it, and in Masks, choose “Plasma” as the type.

4. Click “Randomize Seed” until you see a shape that reminds you of clouds.

5. Soften the gradient by spreading apart the two center sliders and accept the changes.

6. If the gradient isn’t in layer 1, move it there, and then turn it into a grayscale mask.

You just created a cloudy background over which you can place anything your heart desires. Change the color of the layer being masked and the shape of the plasma mask to come up with other interesting backgrounds. Or you can get fancy-schmancy like I did using several colored layers, moving and rotating them, blurring them, and I don’t remember what else, but it sort of looks like a sunset, doesn’t it?

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