Nicer Drop Shadows

Producer is a klutz when it comes to drop shadows. It insists that the light source has to be top left as if light just can’t come from anywhere else. It also creates hard shadows that don’t look so very good. To create nice soft shadows with the light coming from any direction you choose, give this simple setup a try to see how it’s done:

1. Add a blank slide and change it’s background to white so you’ll be able to  see the shadow.

2. Drag any photo into the slide and reduce its size enough so it fully clears all the edges of the screen.

3. Duplicate the photo, and in Layers > Editing, reduce the White Point of the photo in Layer 2 to 0%.

4. Give it a Blur of 50%.

5. Back in Layer Settings, move the black photo’s position to -0.75 x 2. There’s your shadow.

6. If you want a softer shadow, reduce its opacity until you like the way it looks.

7. If you want the light to come from the bottom, just slide the black photo up so the soft edge peeks out from beneath Layer 1. As a matter of fact, move that shadow any which way you please.

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  1. Thank you, Barbara for all these super tips and tutorials. I have learned a lot from them and I hope you continue to share your expertese


    • Rosemary, it’s comments like yours that encourage the flow of tips. I’m so glad I’ve been able to help you and others.


  2. Thanks for the tip. I use Gold, is this only possible with Producer? If I only make about 4 shows a year is Producer worth the cost to upgrade? Thanks again, Geoff

    • I haven’t used Gold in ages, but I suspect it doesn’t have the ability to blur an image. That said, if you do the same kind of thing but in an image editor, creating a black version of the image and then blurring it, saving it as a separate image, and then using it the same as per the above instructions, it should work.
      If you create just 4 shows a year and don’t expect to ever do more than that, I’m not sure upgrading to Producer would be worth it. Yes, it can do a whole lot more than Gold, but you have to ask yourself if you actually want more than what Gold offers.


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