Keep Images from Filling the Screen

Drag a postage stamp into a layer on top of one containing an envelope, and what happens? It turns into Godzilla Stamp, and so you have to tame it by reducing the zoom level. That’s not much of a problem, not unless you’ll be using that same stamp (or other small image) periodically throughout the show. The solution is to resize the image’s canvas before ever using it.

I use Photoshop for this, but any image editor can do it. Resize the canvas (NOT the image) so it’s 1792 x 1008 pixels for wide screen or 1552 x 1164 pixels for standard screen, keeping the canvas transparent. You can use smaller numbers, but the proportions must be 16:9 or 4:3. You don’t gain much by using smaller numbers, however. Maybe a few kilobytes.

If you want to size the stamp to match the envelope, open the envelope and the stamp in your image editor. Add the stamp as a layer on top of  the envelope, resize the stamp proportionately to the envelope, delete the envelope layer, and Save AS so you don’t overwrite the envelope file. Now when you drag those two layers into a slide, the stamp will be just the right size.

The stamp is merely an example. The same principles apply to any images that are blown completely out of proportion when you drag them into a slide. It’s so much easier to deal with an image that starts out life perfectly formed at 100%.

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