Transition Play

Transitions are so much a part of our basic vocabulary that the potential in them can sometimes be overlooked. Try what follows for a glimpse of what I mean:

1. Set up two 6-second slides (called slide A and slide B here), placing an image in each.

2. Use the “Rectangle – Out – 2 pass” transition between the two slides, giving it a duration of 6 seconds.

3. Within slide A and as a transition in, use “Wipe – Left to Right – 2 pass.” Give it a duration of 8 seconds.

4. Within slide B and as a transition out, use the same wipe. Give it a duration of 6 seconds.

Run this 2-slide show to see what happens.

Using the basic setup as given above, try different transitions. Change the slide durations. Change the transition durations. Graduate to 3-slide setups. Try using the same photo in each of the slides, perhaps varying the color. Try outlandishly different photos. Try adding motion.

Play like a child.

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  1. Hi, I’m a newbie here and I didnt understand the sequence at #3 and #4. What do you mean ” within”
    slide A and slide B?
    Thanks, ( I need all the tips I can get)


  2. Mike, you can create transitions right inside the layers and totally separate from the transitions that sit between slides. Look at the motion screen for a layer. On both the far left and far right are default “cut” transitions. Drag the little bar on the left toward the right, click the transition box, and choose a transition. Do the same on the far right, this time dragging the little bar to the left and choosing a transition. You can adjust those little bars to any duration you want.


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