Perfect Frame Masks

If you have a frame that you want to use multiple times with a variety of photos, it’s far easier and quicker to create a single mask than it is to resize/crop all the photos. To create a perfectly fitting mask, here’s the method I use:

  1. Bring the frame into Photoshop, and if the canvas isn’t already sized for the screen ratio you’ll be using, resize the canvas and Save this version. (Dimensions used for Frame Locker products: 1792 x 1008 pixels for wide screen and 1552 x 1164 for standard screen.)
  2. Select the inside area of the frame.
  3. Create a new layer and fill the selected area with white.
  4. Invert the selection and fill that area with black.
  5. Flatten the image and perform a Save As. (I like to name a newly minted mask so it indicates which frame it goes with.)

The resulting mask perfectly matches the frame, and so whatever you do with the frame, you should do with the mask. Pan the frame left, pan the mask left; rotate the frame, rotate the mask; enlarge the frame, enlarge the mask. Think of the frame and its mask as being attached at the hip.

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