For Gold Graduates: The Space Between Keyframes

In Gold, you were using keyframes all along, one at the beginning of the slide and one at the end. In the window on the left, you positioned the image where you wanted it be at the beginning of the slide (keyframe 1), and in the window on the right, you placed it where you wanted it to end up (keyframe 2).

Being fancy-schmancy, Producer can have more than those two keyframes in a single slide. The space between the keyframes is no different from individual slides in Gold.

Consider a simple setup in which there’s a photo of a beach ball that drops down from the top-left corner to the bottom and then slides along the bottom to the right…

In Gold, you pan the photo down in slide #1, and then you pan it across in slide #2.

In Producer, you can accomplish this in one slide by having the ball drop down between keyframes 1 and 2, then pan to the right between keyframes 2 and 3. The spaces between the keyframes are equivalent to two slides.

Is there any difference in how the ball will move? None. Is there any compelling reason to use three keyframes in one Producer slide instead of using two Gold slides? None.

Since there’s no reason to bother with multiple keyframes for the beach ball, we’ll complicate it…

The ball goes through the same behaviors as above, dropping and then going sideways, but this time a second layer with a seagull flies straight across the top of the screen from right to left.

Can this be done in Gold? Yes, but you’d have to start the seagull in the second slide midway through its flight.

In Producer, you can give the beach ball three keyframes (down, then over) and leave the seagull with its two default keyframes so you can pan it smoothly across the screen while the beach ball pans down and then over.

Conclusions: (1) The space between two keyframes is like a slide, and (2) the only reason to use keyframes is when multiple layers are doing multiple things at different times.

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