Cropping in ProShow…

…is a big fat pain when the crop absolutely must be precise because it’s for a photo that needs to fit perfectly inside a frame. Until Photodex gives us the ability to see other layers along with the photo we’re cropping, we’ll have do a little work.

The basic move is to do a “pretend” crop on the frame, cropping it down to the open section, scribbling the new dimensions on paper, and then canceling the crop. When cropping the photo, type the dimensions you wrote down (and now can’t find) in the little boxes. This will work when the photo’s size and its width-to-height ratio are similar to that of the frame, but we have to get crafty if they aren’t. Get out your calculator.

Let’s say the dimensions you discovered for the inside of the frame were 780 pixels wide by 495 pixels high, and what you want to fit in there is a photo that’s 3000 pixels wide by 2000 pixels high.

Divide the width of the photo by the width you wrote down (780 pixels), then multiply the result times the frame height (495) to get the number to type into the height box on the crop screen.

If that doesn’t work (and it doesn’t always) do the reverse, dividing the height of the photo by the height from the frame, then multiply the result times the frame’s width to get the number to type into the width box on the crop screen.

Like formulas?

(photo width / frame width) x frame height = crop height


(photo height / frame height) x frame width = crop width

However, I’d rather open the photo in Photoshop, turn it into a layer, open the frame, drag it onto the photo, use Transform to proportionately enlarge the frame and to move it into position, select the resulting inside frame area, invert the selection, go to the photo layer, and press Delete. It’s fast and it doesn’t require a calculator.

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