Fitting the Screen…Perfectly

Regardless of how large or small an image, when you drag it into a slide it expands or shrinks to fit the preset screen dimensions. That’s fine if you want an in-your-face image, but what if it’s something like a tiny violet that you want to remain tiny and exactly the size you set for it in your image editor? Here’s how:

Open the image in your favorite editor (Photoshop for most of us) and change its canvas size to 1792 x 1008 pixels for widescreen or 1552 x 1164 pixels for a standard screen. Anything larger seems a waste of space; anything smaller can cause problems if you want to zoom in on the image. These are the exact proportions I use for everything at The Frame Locker, no matter if it’s a flat background, a frame, or a whatchamacallit. Experience has proved these sizes work.

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